An image illegally taken from my site and pinned on Pinterest redirecting to a spam blog

Removing Pins from Pinterest

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Welcome to the new site.  Over the past two years this blog has risen to the top of Google thanks to fans of my books and other fairy gardeners.  Unfortunately, there were also other visitors to my sites who stole much of my content along with my images.  Most of these thieves are all confined to Pinterest.  When I found these copied images I also found something else–people who were using my designs without permission.  In 2013 I released the sequel to Fairy Gardening 101.  It’s called Fairy Gardening 201: The Next Step.  It gives instructions for designing fairy garden accents.  These detailed designs are unique and my invention.  They are protected by copyright.  It’s illegal to copy them without my permission and without license.

This morning I sent a takedown notice to Pinterest.  I was lucky enough to come across this blog article,, which gives an excellent DIY for takedown notices to Pinterest.  My thanks to Katherine for posting this.

Across the internet there are artists who are losing viewership on their blogs because their content is being illegally copied and pinned all over Pinterest.  The burden for finding this material should be on Pinterest, but they put the burden on the copyright and design owners.  You do not have to hunt down the copyright protected material.  If Pinterest doesn’t keep it off their site you can take legal action.

Actions you can take against Pinterest:

  • Issue a notice to Google to remove links to their site or de-index their entire site.
  • Issue a notice to Google to remove any and all images they may have stored from Pinterest.
  • Issue a notice to Pinterest’s host IP.  As of today, their host IP is: ( – Hosting, San Francisco California USA. Hosting Company – Fastly, Po Box 78266, San Francisco, CA, 94107, US USA.
  • Charge them license fees.  My only concern about this is that I believe it’s easier to take them to court and get punitive damages rather than charge licensing fees.  That way you can stop them, period.
  • Take them to court.
  • Blog about it.  You won’t be alone.

I’ve had some very popular blog articles that were on the dangers of Pinterest and how to pin safely.  Unfortunately, Pinterest’s changes in terms of service appear to have made it easier for criminals to use Pinterest rather than harder.  Now it’s just a place for spammers to promote companies that don’t actually create anything.

If you have a WordPress site there are some things you can do to deter people from pinning your images.  Here they are, but they are not infallible.  The plain fact is these are criminals and criminals find ways around safeguards because they’re…criminals.

  1. Add the following meta tag to your site using a meta tag plug-in like Add Meta Tags: <meta name=”pinterest” content=”nopin” />.  In order for this to work you will have to disable meta descriptions in any SEO plugins you may have like All in One SEO and WordPress SEO by Yoast.  Adding the meta tag only disables people from pinning directly from your site.  The problem I had is with people downloading the images from my protected member’s area and then pinning them from their phones.  :0
  2. Add a plugin like the No Right Click Images plugin to stop people from dragging or copying images with the mouse.  This doesn’t work on all cell phones.  I wish it did.  You can replace the icon that appears when someone attempts to copy an image and customize it with text.
  3. Add a membership plugin to your site, like s2member, and store your images in a protected directory only accessible through the membership portal.  Unfortunately, unless you use the right permissions, some of the more deviant criminals can find their way to your content and I’ve even seen Google indexing these protected directories.  When your membership portal is active, you’ll see an s2member badge appear on your site.  When you disable current membership (like if your membership list is as big as you want it to go), the badge will disappear.  If you go to you can see they are currently accepting members and the badge is showing.